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Testimonials 2

This is the second page of the list of testimonials from people who have actually fitted a Vauxhall engine into a Mini. 

Testimonial 3 - Richard (Muppet) - Using an AMT Kit

Richard is in the process of fitting AMT's kit and a Vauxhall engine. Check out his website for the latest info at http://homepage.ntlworld.com/king.muppet

Here's how the project's going:

"Here are some pictures of my car before I started and one once I had cut the front end off. The car had only been rebuilt for one year before I was bored with a mini engined turbo. The brakes are now complete and I am still awaiting some parts from AMT in order to get the engine started. This part of the project is going to take the most time as I am using an injection system instead of carbs and turbo charging."

How much is it costing?

"At the moment I can't break it down. You already know what the frame costs. My car so far has set me back at least £10,000, what with the first build up and now currently going through it's second. I have already sent you a photo of when it was on the road with a modified metro turbo set up."

What spec is the engine?

"The engine is a standard Vauxhall Calibra turbo engine, for now. This is just to get it on the road then I will rebuild my other 16v engine from a Cavalier GSi 4x4." 

What is AMT like to work with ?

"AMT's work is superb, it has the quality you could wish for. Unfortunately though he is always very busy dealing with loads of customers orders and this results in long waiting time for parts. This is the only draw back but the products are well worth the wait."

Have you driven a Hybrid mini before?

"I had to park my friends once. But that was it. Unfortunately he has since written that one off, (that's the green clubman on www.theclubman.co.uk). I had been out in it a couple of times and it was great fun."

What front end are you going for ?

"I am going to use a steel clubman front end along with a Zeemax style front bumper in order to gain some valuable space. The bumper is on order."

What are you doing about the brakes ?

"I am currently fitting 4 pot calipers and vented discs on it to get it on the road but I am always looking for big brake conversions but I am finding it difficult as not many companies do this without spending large amounts of cash. My friend the purple monster is trying to see if he can get some stuff machined to fit 10" discs with the 4 pot calipers."

How easy does it appear to be in terms of mating an "alien " engine to a mini ?

"Due to the subframe, drive-shafts, pedal box (this includes clutch pedal) being supplied by AMT the main headache has been over come very easily. I have not started to do any wiring yet so I will have to wait before commenting."

What do you think about the weight distribution and the drive-shaft angles ?

"Although the engine is a lot heavier than an A series, it should not be a problem with the right suspension set up i.e. the correct poundage springs. This is something I can only guess at the moment though."

How easy it is to fit the subframe ?

"Fitting the subframe is quite simple although you must follow the instructions about setting up the top arms. There is one A4 page on fitting the subframe but no pictures. With the road frame which I have you need to supply your own top suspension mounts. I have made mine but I noticed Richard (richspec) has used the spax coilovers and fitting kit. 

What do you think of the AMT kit ?

The kit is superb as it comes with modified top arms rose joints drive shafts engine mounts and brackets and bracing bars. Most of the parts also come plastic coated. It is well worth the money. It may not look a lot in the photo's but when you see it up close you can really appreciate the design and work that has gone into it. 

What do you need to do now to finish the project?

I'm waiting for a modified Cosworth injection manifold in order to fit the Vauxhall engine. I have yet to see this product but if it is as good as the rest of their (AMT's) work I will be impressed, and also a tubular stainless steel turbo manifold to house a Garrett T3 turbo. Both parts are supplied by AMT. I am also waiting for my front bumper which I mentioned previously. 

How can people contact you about your project?

Via the Mini-Mania message, ask for Muppet as I am always looking at this to see what people are talking about.

Click on the pictures to enlarge

MYMINI002.jpg (46143 bytes)
These pictures are before Richard started the project to convert his turbo-engined A-series Mini into a Vauxhall hybrid!

MYMINI003.jpg (36433 bytes)

MYMINI004.jpg (29522 bytes)
The front's been removed, so it looks like there's no going back now!

MYMINI001.jpg (66621 bytes)
Offering the new Vauxhall engine up to the AMT subframe.

MYMINI005.jpg (35024 bytes)

Offering the new Vauxhall engine up to the AMT subframe.

MYMINI006.jpg (36963 bytes)
LH view - note the brace bar

MYMINI008.jpg (34163 bytes)
Rose-jointed top arm detail

MYMINI009.jpg (28651 bytes)
Fabricated top suspension mountings

MYMINI010.jpg (36646 bytes)
Modified top arms

MYMINI011.jpg (31045 bytes)
Note the modified top and bottom arms

MYMINI012.jpg (45046 bytes)
Modified pedal box

MYMINI013.jpg (39868 bytes)
RH (inside) view