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The following companies all supply kits for the 1600cc B16a Honda VTEC engine.  

P & L Minis 
Watson's Specialist Cars 

A Series Comparison

The typical cost for one of the above kits is well over 2,000 + necessary bodywork. This conversion sounds expensive (and it is!) but it's still competitive when you compare it with a full-blown stage 4, 5 speed, 1400cc all-steel A series with twin Webers.

Here's my list for an A series (prices from Mini Sport):

5 speed gearbox 1,450
1430cc stage 4 built engine (115+BHP) 1,670
Extras - exhaust manifold, carbs(!), setting up

Now we're talking well over 3,000 plus carbs, setting up and upgraded braking system but don't forget that even with a full race engine the performance of the A Series still doesn't really approach that of the standard 1.6 litre VTEC and there's so doubt about which will be more drivable.