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The A-Series Alternatives

Some might say the Mini and the A series engine are inseparable. I disagree, when KAD introduced the 16 valve head for the old A series everyone was happy (even if they couldn't afford it). The Mini has always had people adding bits to it, customising it etc. These changes could involve anything from a simple air filter change to a 6-speed box, Weber carbs etc. So what's wrong with going the whole hog and changing the entire engine! With stricter emission laws, now's the time for something more radical than a race head! The purpose of this site is to introduce people to the concept of fitting something other than just another tuned A-series engine. The site will hopefully serve as a central resource for contacting companies able to do the conversions, or supply parts and advice. The site mirrors my on-going project to fit such an engine in my own Mini. I hope to include other peoples' Minis and will be relying on people to submit information, text and pictures. So far, the engine of choice has been the Vauxhall engine but there are now several alternatives including the Honda VTEC the Suzuki Swift GTi and others.

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